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The Rotating Beacon

With tonnes of exciting new features and it’s high quality South African design, this Rotating Beacon is a step above the rest. Its silicon Direct Drive makes the Rotating Beacon practically silent – you no longer have to worry about noisy gear and belt drives.

It has a low profile UV stabilised lens that has an interlocking thread and added O ring making it virtually water and dust tight, further enhancing the life of the beacon. This allows the beacon to meet the IP65 International Protection Standards for dust and water resistance.

The beacon features a squat style reflector which has deep, aggressively curved vertical and horizontal angles allowing it’s H1 Halogen globe to project light even further. This enables the beacon to be even more visible from greater distances, making for safer work areas.

Adding to it’s versatility, the Rotating Beacon is also available in both Hardwire and Magnetic Base versions. An extra long 4 metre lead with pistol grip plug comes with the Mag Base version. This plug also incorporates an On/Off switch with an LED to let the operator know if the beacon is on or off.

Available in both 12 and 24 VDC versions, the unit is actually 12-24 VDC friendly so it can be easily converted from a 12 VDC to a 24VDC by the simple change of a globe, and vice versa.

For more information on the Rotating Beacon, please email or call (08) 9295 6888.

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Pi-Lit Sequential Flare

The Pi-Lit® Sequential Flare is an innovative, class leading addition to ACOT500’s range of roadside safety lighting.

The Pi-Lit® Sequential Flare is a smart LED flare that incorporates a radio-linked network to automatically sequence the flash pattern. At the touch of a button the flares synchronise and begin visually warning drivers of activity ahead, and directs them away. They are built for the toughest of environments and can be dropped or driven over, and are suitable for use in rain and snowy conditions.

Available individually or in sets of 10 with a carry case.

  • Directs traffic and warns drivers of activity
  • Super bright 360 degree viewing angle
  • Operates on 4 x AA batteries per light – no tools required for battery change
  • Easy to use, just turn on in order and they automatically sync
  • Automatically adjusts LEDs to horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Rugged and durable design to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Suitable for use in rain and snow
  • Default frequency is Yellow. Blue, Green, Orange and Beige group frequencies also available to order allowing multiple sequenced chains to operate within the same area

For more information on the Pi-Lit® Sequential Flare – Click Here

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Assassin LED Mine Site Light Bar

Because of the harsh terrain and conditions on mine site, ACOT500 has developed the Assassin LED Mine Site Light Bar. This light bar has been specifically designed to handle rain, dust, fog and extreme temperatures with ease.

The Assassin LED Mine Site Light Bar has been designed to be a low profile unit so that mining and emergency vehicles can stay visible but also easily manoeuvrable. The are aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and airflow resistance when vehicles are travelling at high speeds. With 360 degree horizontal and 180 degree vertical light, the Assassin LED Mine Site Light Bar provides maximum visibility to vehicles. The light bar is also waterproof and vibration resistant for extra protection.

Compared to strobe and rotating lights the Assassin LED Mine Site Light Bar has a very low current draw to reduce the drain on the vehicles battery. The high quality polycarbonate UV stabilised lens and high quality LEDs prevent the fading of the lens colours and the LEDs. Because of it’s modular design, the light bar is also completely customisable to specific customer requirements and allows for easy maintenance of the light bar.